Episode 2:

My Journey from Failed Businesses to Success

What I learned from my failed ventures and starting a business that’s in alignment with who you truly are.

One Thing At A Time

This is day one of my Write Daily Project. A few month ago when I started posting on Tiktok, I wanted to improve my speaking skills. But I found that it’s hard to speak when I can’t organize the words in my head.

Since I decided to focus on one to two things to improve at a time, my focus will mainly be on writing, but if I have time, I’ll also work on my speaking skills. My goal is to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper (or my computer screen).

So, starting today, I’m going to be documenting my life and share with you the lessons I learned about life.

But, unlike ordinary diary or journaling, I’ll be taking a different approach.

I’ve been studying manifestation techniques from Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks and Bashar for awhile now, and I’m excited to put these concepts into practice.

Essentially, this means that when I write about my day, it’s not necessarily about what actually happened, but rather about what I want or wanted to happen. It’s about revised reality (Neville’s “Revision”) and intentional manifestation (Abraham’s “Segment of Intention”).

Today’s Life Lessons

Today I’m going to share with you my experience on starting a business. As a kid, I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I wanted to be my own boss and become multi-millionaire.

But as I grew up, the universe had other plans for me and I ended up pursuing a career in engineering.

Don’t get me wrong, engineering was a great career choice for me. As an Industrial engineer, I loved creating and making things better, and I enjoyed the stability and security that came with it. But it doesn’t give me the time freedom and also the freedom to express my true self.

Since 2001, I started many businesses: a restaurant, network marketing, online business, dog training. But none of those ventures worked out.

Then, the pandemic hit and I lost my job. Well, I didn’t really “lost” my job. The company I worked for in Singapore gave us ultimatum, those who commute daily from Malaysia to Singapore must move to Singapore. If they can’t, they have to resign or get terminated.

If I moved to Singapore, I might have a job, but I would lose my sanity. Yes. I will go crazy living in a small space without my dogs.

So I quit and I found myself reliving the same life event I had in 2007 when I had no income after I quit my job because I wanted to be with my dogs.

While the situation or contrast I faced was the same, I’m NOT the same. Now I KNOW BETTER. I know how the universe works.

Previously, when I started my failed businesses, I used the “no pain – no gain”, “you have to work hard, struggle and sacrifice to achieve success” method. With my current business, I use my knowledge of the laws of the universe. I let the universe does the heavy lifting and I just focus on what I want and doing what excite me.

If you want to test this method, the first thing you need to do when starting your business is to be very clear on the lifestyle you want and why you want that lifestyle.

When I started my restaurant in 2001, the reason I started that business was because I wanted to be a millionaire. I’m not excited about food. It’s just for the money. I thought I wanted have all that money so I can buy big house and nice cars.

But it turned out, I actually didn’t care about house and cars, I believe the reason I wanted that in my early 20’s was because I cared about what others think of me.

I wanted to become more successful than the people who looked down on me because I’m different.

But now why I want millions of dollars is not related to other humans. I want to be wealthy because I want to have many dogs. I want to have a dog sanctuary.

Many years ago when I started rescuing dogs, I wanted to have a dog shelter, but I wasn’t clear how it would look like. Now I know how the building and facilities would look like, the type of people who take care of the dogs, activities that we would do together.

And the businesses that I have will allow me to spend all the time and money on myself and the dogs.

So, if you haven’t done this exercise, get your notebook or journal and start write down clearly the lifestyle you want and why you want it.

Next, I’ll share with you how to pick the best type of business for you.

See ya soon!

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Restaurant opening day: Oct 20′ 2001