Module 1
Understand the Laws of The Universe
Part 1: The 3 Laws of the Universe

This is the most important step and has a lot of information that I want to share. So I divided this step into three parts.

This is part one, which is about the there universal laws I learned from Abraham.
The second part will be about vibrational universe and the last part is about our inner guidance.
In previous step, I shared with you the two factors that affect the manifestations of our desires which are the intensity of the desire and also the strength of our beliefs.
I also shared the story on how my dog, Jersey, went missing.
As you can see, the bigger the contrast, the bigger the intensity of the desire.
Yet even if the desire is very strong, if you have doubts, this will prevent you from manifesting your desires.
It depends on which part is stronger.
In this Step 2, I’m going to continue my story and show you how Understanding the Laws of the Universe helped me in not just believing, but KNOWING that I can find Jersey and she’ll be home with me again.
You probably wondering, if I know this subject very well, why did it take 33 days for me to bring Jersey home?
Why didn’t it happen sooner?
I believe the answer is because of the MOMENTUM of the thoughts or beliefs I have about getting the things I want.
As I mentioned in the introduction, I was a motivational junkie.
I read and practiced what I read in success books since I was a teenager.
I only started to study about the Laws of Attraction from Abraham Hicks and Bashar end of 2013.
So I only knew this teaching for less than three years compared to 20 plus years believing the popular success teachings where I must make things happen and must work hard to make it happen.
When Jersey was missing I read a lot about lost dog behavior.
I learned that lost dogs usually go into “fight or flight” mode because of shock or because they are in an unfamiliar places.
And as for me, I believe when I lost Jersey, I went into the “I must work hard to make it happen” mode.
I was in this mode for the first two weeks. Somehow I went back to my old beliefs on achieving success.
I took 3 days off from work the first week to search for Jersey day and night. Driving and walking for hours.
Put up posters and distributing flyers.
I studied about how to find lost dogs, ways that can help.
I learned about map dowsing, remote viewing and using pendulum to find lost pets or objects.
My best friend and I looked for animal communicators to help locate Jersey and to know whether she’s ok.
We paid two professional animal communicators, one specialized in finding lost pet using map dowsing and another is using shamanic journeying to help the pet and the owner.
I also consulted with a few free animal communicators and medium from Facebook.

But all of these efforts didn’t generate any results.

I was really depressed, angry at the situation and myself for opening the window.
Hate it that I still had to go to work and not able to search for her longer.
But after nearly two weeks of driving and walking at the same place over and over again but not finding my dog, I felt I had done my best.
I had done everything I could think of possible for me to do. What else didn’t I do.
Then it hit me.
I said to myself, “Hey, I know this! I know about the laws of the universe, I know how to manifest my desires. WTF was I doing?”
I realized that the only thing I haven’t done was applying what I know about the Laws of the Universe and how to manifest my desires EASILY.
I remember I was driving and I said, “That’s it. I had done the best I can, Universe, now I surrender to you to bring my Jersey home”.
The first thing that happened when I said that was I felt relieve.
Then the journey of searching for her felt easier and relaxing. Time also seemed to move faster.
So what are the things I know and understand about the Laws of the Universe?
I know that we create our own reality.
Whatever we experience, the things we manifest, we are responsible for all of them.
When I said we, I meant each of us creates our own reality.
I create my reality and you create yours.
Note that we can be at the same place, but you and me would see things differently because each of us create our own reality.
So what are the laws that govern all these things that each of us experience?
I learned from Abraham that there are 3 Laws that governs how we experience our reality.
And they are ..

  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Deliberate Creation
  3. The Law of Allowing

Most people have heard about the Law of Attraction because of the movie and book The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.
But I believe not many people know about the 2nd and 3rd laws. Let’s look at the first law …

The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful of all laws. It is the basis of all the laws of the Universe.
The Law of Attraction is simply defined as that which is like unto itself is drawn.
In other words, like attract like.
Most of us aware of this and experience it, but not many understand the law behinds it.
That’s why we have all these sayings like, “birds of a feather flock together”, “the better it gets, the better gets. The worse it gets, the worse it gets”.
When I look back on that day when Jersey went missing, that morning I was thinking about the time I was brought to the police station because of my Eid video.
A lot Muslims in my country was offended by my video and made a police report.
This happened on July 31st, 2013.
So earlier that day, I felt really angry, frustrated and powerless thinking about that event.
And later that day, Jersey went missing and I felt those same feelings again only worse.
The worse it gets, the worse it gets.
It didn’t even take 24 hours for bad thing to happen because of me thinking about bad event that happened three years ago!
How did this happen? How did my negative thoughts become negative event?
But more importantly, what I believe we really want to know is how can we instead of letting this happen, CREATE and engineer our reality?
This brings us to the second law of the universe, The Law of Deliberate Creation.
The Law of Deliberate Creation
According to Abraham, the law of deliberate creation is this.
That which I give thought to, I begin to attract.
That which I give thought to with emotion, I attract more quickly.
And once I have launched it powerfully by giving thoughts with emotion, then I EXPECT that which I have thought about, I GET IT.
We create and attract things, people or events to our experience through our THOUGHTS.
That is where the creation FIRST started.
When we think about something, the Law of Attraction will bring more similar thoughts about that subject.
And when we have thoughts WITH emotion together, then the attraction become very powerful.
I believe this part was missing when I first learned about the Law of Attraction in 2007.
The emphasis is only given to THOUGHTS, but they don’t emphasis much on EMOTION.
Thus a lot of the processes or techniques given are more on how to focus our thoughts like doing affirmations.
But if you really want your desire to manifest quickly, you must think about that desire while at the same time experience a great powerful passionate and positive emotion about it.
When you focus on a thought without emotion, it’s like you’re creating on your own.
But if you focus on a thought WITH emotion, you have accessed the power of the Universe, the energy that creates world.
And not only that, you must EXPECT that you’ll get it.
In other words, you can think about something with emotion like passion and enthusiasm and start to attract it quickly, but if you don’t expect it because you don’t believe it, you WON’T get it.
This is similar to Step 1, you must have a strong desire and strong belief that you can get it.
That’s why a lot of affirmations don’t work.
So by the Law of Deliberate Creation, there are three parts in order for you to get what you want quickly …

  1. By giving thoughts to what you want
  2. By giving that thoughts with emotion and
  3. By then expecting it and believing that you’ll get it.

A lot of us know what we want and have no issue thinking about it, being enthusiastic about it, however there is always the BUT …
I want a Bentley … BUT
I want to have a fit body … BUT
So we need to learn how to expect things or believe that we can get them.
But before we go into that in details, let’s move on to the 3rd law because this will also help you in expecting the things you want.

The Law of Allowing
The law of allowing is probably the toughest law I had to comply.
The Law of Allowing is …
I am that which I am, changing things indeed.
And while I am that which I am, I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are.
The Law of Allowing is simply, live and let live.
The Law of Allowing
The law of allowing is probably the toughest law I had to comply.
The Law of Allowing is …
I am that which I am, changing things indeed.
And while I am that which I am, I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are.
The Law of Allowing is simply, live and let live.
It is easy to comply to this law once we understand and really believe in the first and second law of the Universe.
Most of us have this fear that if we allow others to do whatever they want, it will be a disaster.
Or if others don’t want to support or help us to get what we want, it’s hard or we can’t get what we want.
But if we understand that we attract everything into our lives, we know that we will get those people or any support we need to get what we want.
Note that I was the ONLY ONE who went searching for Jersey.
And I live in a country where majority of people hate and don’t care about dogs.
When I was walking, I handed a flyer to a Muslim woman, she was like, “Eeeee anjing” (anjing means dog in Malay language), and didn’t even want to touch the flyer because of the dog picture.
Over here, the Malays believe that dogs are unclean and if you touch them or have them as pets you’ll go to Hell.
I fall in Malay race category and by default if you’re a Malay means you’re a Muslim.
And since I’m in this category, people will give me the “you’re going to Hell” look when they see me with dogs or even searching for a dog.
Here there is no such thing as Christian Malays or Buddhist Malays.
If you’re Malay you can’t change religion. Those Malays who want to change and practice their religion other than Islam openly will be prosecuted to death sentence.
So most either do it quietly or move out from this country.
Think about this, I was locked up for three days because I made a video with dogs, encouraging others to celebrate their festivity with other species.
So can you imagine what kind of country or what kind of people that surrounds me?
Before I knew and understand about the laws of the universe and how this life works, I was really depressed and angry most of the times because I can’t say and do the things I want.
I love dogs and I feel that it is stupid that there are many people who not only hate dogs, but also hate people who have/own dogs.
But once I know that I’m the creator of my own reality and I can attract the experience I want, I’m able to allow others to be who they are and do what they want to do.
This is because when you really believe and understand the Law of Attraction and Law of Deliberate Creation, you know that if you don’t think about something, especially not with emotion and you don’t expect it to happen to you, it WON’T happen to you.
You won’t attract it into your life.
But I know it’s hard to not think about something we don’t want especially now with social media like Facebook and 24 hours news.
What do most people see in the media?
Everything that they are scared about and they keep talking about that with EMOTION.
And then they see more of that and now they sort of expect or believe that it might happen to them too!
That’s why I don’t read or watch the news anymore and really filter my Facebook feed.
Although sometimes I see people talk about it, my knowing about these laws help me to be ok or not have much thoughts or feelings about it as now I’m getting good at allowing.
It takes practice and I’m gonna share with you later how to practice to be ok with what others are doing, while we focus and manifest the things we want.
I’m going to stop here at these three laws and let you digest and make sense on the things I’ve shared with you.
In the next part, I will share with you more on how these laws work in our lives and how we can strengthen our believes and expectation that we can be, do and have whatever we want more.
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