Module 1
The Intensity of Your Desires
Chetz Togom, Beast Blueprint Creator

Everyone wants something.

If I ask you, do you want this beautiful beach house? You don’t have to pay anything more than whatever amount of money you’re paying for your house now and the maintenance.

Do you want it?

Of course you want it! Don’t lie!

But do you REALLY REALLY want that house? Most probably NOT.

PLUS, you might not feel good or you feel weird about getting this house without more effort or struggle.

If you do have that kinda feelings, then we need to change that.

That feeling shows you have a belief that prevent you from receiving things EASILY.

You believe you have to earn it or you have to be worthy of it in order to receive it.

But before we go into details on that, I’d like to share a story with you.

And throughout this course, I’m going to share this story as an example on how I applied this 5 Steps Method, so later in your life when you’re facing similar situations, you know what to do.
Now let’s start with the story …
Once Upon A Time ….

Well, it was actually on July 31st, 2016 that my dog, Jersey, fell off the truck when I brought her and her brother Golek to pick up the laundry with me.
The laundry shop I went to is located in this small town less than five minutes from the house.
It was our usual weekly routine that we look forward to since I moved to this place end of 2012.
Jersey loves going on a truck ride. You can see how excited she is the moment she knows I’m going to bring her.
As for me, I just love to see my dogs happy. That  look on their faces. Priceless.
I’m sure if you love dogs or have children, you know what I mean.
Well, it was actually on July 31st, 2016 that my dog, Jersey, fell off the truck when I brought her and her brother Golek to pick up the laundry with me.
The laundry shop I went to is located in this small town less than five minutes from the house.
It was our usual weekly routine that we look forward to since I moved to this place end of 2012.
Jersey loves going on a truck ride. You can see how excited she is the moment she knows I’m going to bring her.
As for me, I just love to see my dogs happy. That  look on their faces. Priceless.
I’m sure if you love dogs or have children, you know what I mean.

And that day, like any other truck ride, when we arrived at the shop lots, I would wind down the windows so that Golek could smell the air fully and see outside clearly as he’s a big nine year old boy who has started to develop cataract in his eyes.

I know both of them won’t intentionally jump out from the truck. I wouldn’t do this if it was Ciku who was in the truck because Ciku won’t hesitate to jump out if he sees anything interesting to him, especially cats.
So we reached at an area where there were many pigeons on the road. Jersey got excited and ran from one side of the truck to another and I believe because of the momentum, she accidentally fell off the truck.
Immediately I stopped and went out but by the time I reached to the other side of the truck, I didn’t see her there.
There were quite many people sitting and standing around and one guy said to me, “She’s there.“ While pointing at the direction where Jersey was standing.
She was nearly 100 meters away already!
Then one blink and I didn’t see her anymore.
I quickly ran back to the truck and drove to where she was but she had disappeared.
I drove and also walked around the area, calling her but she was nowhere to be found.
After more than one hour, I had to go back home to send Golek as I was sure he’s tired already sitting in the truck and it was also getting dark.
Before going home, I saw the same guy who pointed Jersey out and he told me the direction where Jersey went.
After sending Golek home, I went out to search for her again.
I didn’t think much when I went out so I just wore my slippers.
I walked around until I had blisters on my feet.
I remembered calling my best friend from the side of the road, crying.
I was frustrated and mad.
I told her, “Why Jersey?! Why Jersey?! I don’t think I can move on without her!”
Y’know I love all my dogs but Jersey is more attached to me.
The other three dogs are nine years old and they are now more laid back.
Jersey is the youngest. She’s four years old now and she always wants me to play with her.
I had her since she was 3 months old. She’s like another part of my body.
I came home everyday smiling at the gate because I saw her there waiting for me.
She is the one thing in my life that makes me really really happy.
So when she was not around, the impact was huge.

This brings us to STEP 1 in manifesting your desire.

You must REALLY REALLY want it.
It’s like your life depends on it.
When I lost her and was really depressed. I really felt like my life just ended. I couldn’t go on anymore.
And you can see this often right? People’s lives change when a huge contrast happens, especially when it’s life threatening.

The Bigger the Contrast, The More We Want What We Want.
For example, why do most people want to change job? I believe for most people, the main reason is because they have horrible bosses.
Or horrible office mates. However, if you have a good boss, your boss would help you deal with those horrible colleagues.
But then again, there are some things that even most bosses can’t control because they have their own bosses … like the investors.
So no matter how much they also want to give you that promotion or bonus, they probably can’t.
If changing job or starting your own business is one of your desires, I want you to remember how was this desire born, what cause it? how did it feel at that time?
Was it because you just had a child and you couldn’t spend a lot of time with your baby or your salary wasn’t enough to buy diapers?
Or was it because after working like a mad person, your boss gave the promotion to the other guy?
If you can remember and feel again how it felt, you’ll know that was the time you really really want a new job or start a business.
Most of the times it’s because something happened that made you mad, sad or frustrated.
The rougher the ride, the stronger the desire. And the stronger the desire, the easier to hear your guidance. And once it clicks into place, the greater the satisfaction.

That is the reason why most life transformation happens, which is after something really bad happened.

Like someone who had a heart attack or facing death will change his eating and fitness lifestyle.

Most everyone knows that stress and unhealthy eating would kill them but they would not change until their doctor said they need to change or they will die in 6 months.

Did you hear about the guy who changed his lifestyle after he couldn’t fit in an airplane seat and everyone started staring at him?

Here’s the short story.

There’s this saying, “The darkest hour is before the dawn.”

Sadly people think they have to really struggle, hit rock bottom before things change and get better.

It’s not that.

It’s just that we don’t really really want something UNTIL the situation we’re facing is really really bad.

Let me share with you my other experience in regards to this.

After I graduated, I got a job as an Industrial engineer. It wasn’t my choice to be an engineer.

It was offered to me where I could go to a university in U.S. We rarely have this kinda opportunity, so my family urged me to take it.

I took it and it was great actually … when studying it and the first three years working.

After that, my job started to stress me out as I was not excited about it anymore. Although I hated my job after three years working, I didn’t quit until the 9th year.

Why? It’s because I had a great boss. But then after 9 years my boss moved to another company.

I had a new boss whom I didn’t really resonate with his thinking and his ways of doing stuff.

That was when I couldn’t take it anymore and it started taking toll on my health.

I kept falling sick.

That was when I quit my job and started my business.

The truth is we don’t have to wait until we fall sick, couldn’t pay the bills or get laid off before we can live our dream lives.

What we must do is to keep that wanting feeling alive, keep feeling that excitement of wanting it.

We DON’T even have to struggle.

Those who don’t know the details about how I found Jersey, believe that I found her through my “perseverance” and determination.
When I shared on Facebook that I’d found Jersey after 33 days, this is one of the comments.
“Salute your perseverence..nearly a month without fail searching..glad you both are reunited.”
But the truth is I found her because I stop persevering and struggling.
Why do we hear a lot more stories on struggling to achieve success compared to the easier way to success?
I believe one reason is because it sounds more virtuous if you work hard and struggle to achieve your success and happiness instead of getting is easy.
Most everyone has this belief that you have you earn or be worthy of your success.
That’s why most hate those rich kids and some would even put them in a category of “bad people”.
The second reason is because most people like drama. A movie won’t be interesting if the characters don’t face any challenges, will it?
And thirdly, since there are much less people who are successful than those who are not, people assume that it is hard to become successful or to achieve whatever you desires.
But the truth is, it’s because a lot of people don’t know the laws and rules on how to manifest their desires and those who teach about success only talk about a small part of the ways to achieve success.
And that part is to take massive actions, work really hard and struggle.
They keep repeating that!
Do you notice there are people who take massive actions, work really hard and struggle and yet they still didn’t achieve what they want?
It is because there are TWO factors that affecting whether you will manifest your desires and speed of the manifestation

Manifestation =
How Much Do You Want It x How Much Do You Believe You Can Achieve It

If you really really want it and you really really believe it, whatever you desire will come very fast.

If you really really want it but you don’t really believe that you can have it, then the manifestation of your desire will come either very slow or not at all.
Let say you really want to a big amount of money, but if you don’t believe that you’re worthy to receive it because you haven’t work really hard and struggle, then the big money won’t come until you feel worthy after you work really hard and struggle.
It really depends on the weight or the intensity of your Desire and Belief.
Let say in a car accident, a mother had to lift a car in order to get her child who was trapped inside it. The mother would be able to lift it because she had a very strong desire to save her child.
So if you want something and you haven’t manifested it, look at these two things.
How much do you want it? Most motivational gurus would say, “How BAD do you want it?”
And secondly, how much do you believe your can have it?
For this first STEP, if you want to know how much you really want your desire to manifest or increase the intensity of your desire,
– take out a piece of paper

  • on top write the thing to want to manifest. For example, “I want to receive $50,000 a month”
  • and then below that list down the REASONS WHY you want that. Like why you want $50,000 a month. So write “I want this because …. 1. I want to quit my 9 – 5 job, 2. I want to buy my dream car (whatever that it, write it down). 3. I want to spend time with my kids.
  • When you’re writing this, visualize and FEEL how it feels like when what you want and the reasons for wanting that have been fulfilled.
  • For most people, usually we really want something for others. Like for me wanting $50,000 a month will not be that strong of a desire if it is to buy my dream car compared to wanting to be able to spend more time with my dogs and build a bigger place so I can have more dogs. Make sure you write all of these.

Now go do this exercise. Pick not more than 3 things that you want to manifest, each has their own piece of paper and list down what do you want it. Why I say 3 is that so you have more focus on them.
As for finding Jersey, I didn’t have to do this exercise because she means a lot to me and I just couldn’t imagine not having her in my life.
Now if you had lost a dog in your life and didn’t find your dog, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love your dog as much as I do or you didn’t really really want your dog back. It would just mean that your beliefs about you NOT getting your dog back is much more stronger than you really really want to find your dog.
So now you know that in order to manifest your desire, your desire for it to manifest must be strong.
You also know how to increase the intensity of your desire.
In the next step, you’ll learn about the Laws of the Universe and with this information, you’ll have a stronger belief that you can achieve whatever desire you want.
So let’s go to next step!

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