Module 1
Finding the Reasons to Believe


You’ve just completed another step! Ok just to recap, in order to manifest your desires especially if you’re in a challenging situation, there are 5 steps you must know in order for you to thrive.
Step 1 – You must really really want your desire to manifest.
Step 2 – You must understand the Laws of the Universe.
We had gone through those two steps.
Now we’re going to go over Step 3 which is Finding Reasons to Believe.
I think most people who watched or read The Secret or any other Law of Attraction books do not go through this step before practicing the teachings they had just learned.
Usually when we don’t see enough reasons or evidence to strengthen our belief on the things we just learned, we wouldn’t apply the teaching long enough for them to work.
So before we start trying to manifest stuff, we must strengthen our beliefs first.
And in order to strengthen our beliefs, it will be faster if we can connect the new information with something, some information that we already trust or believe for a long time, in which our beliefs are already very strong.
And for most people, all of us are exposed to either either science and/or spirituality or religions.
So if we can connect or get some proof about what we have just learned from either science or spirituality, it would be much faster for us to strengthen our belief about this new information.
As for me, I’m more interested in the scientific proof. Scientifically, does it make any sense? Are there any scientific proof?
Some people might resonate more if the reasons or evidence relates to their religious beliefs.
I’m not going to share all in details here but I will give you the parts or the summary of the evidence and I hope you can relate or connect to them.
Later you can go to Youtube and check out the experiments I mention here or throughout this course.
So far I found, the best person who had researched and compiled the information on how to manifest our desires based on both science and ancient text is Gregg Braden.
I recommend you read his book, The Divine Matrix and search about his talks on Youtube.
I like how he connects the results of a few quantum physics experiments to show that we create our reality through our beliefs and emotions.
Now, we know scientifically everything is made of atoms.
But what we know about atoms might not be the same as there is new discovery that we might not know.
I don’t know about you but the last time I was in physic class was in 1997.
And when I started learning about the Law of Attraction, I looked into theoretical physics and quantum mechanics and I was like “Whoaaaa …. What?!”
Anyway, I’m not going to go into that, but know that now they have a much much better scientific equipments which shows that quantum atom is not made of particle of “things”, quantum atom is waves of energy.
Below is a short video where Braden talked about atom.

So, there is evidence that we are vibrational beings because we and everything else in this physical world is made of atoms.

The Double Slit Experiment

Another interesting experiment that you should check out is the Double Slit Experiment. It shows how particles behave differently when observers are present.
The scientist John Weiler said that we are not observers, we are participators because the moment we observe or look at something, that something behave differently than if we don’t look at it.

The Double Slit Experiment

Another interesting experiment that you should check out is the Double Slit Experiment. It shows how particles behave differently when observers are present.
The scientist John Weiler said that we are not observers, there is no observer, we are participators because the moment we observe or look at something, that something behave differently if we don’t look at it.
There are another two experiments that show we affect our physical reality.
The first one is the experiment done by the Institute of Heart Centre.
The scientists analyzed how our emotions affect our DNA.
The result of the experiment shows that when we have positive emotion (feel good) like happiness, joy, our DNA will be relaxed and when we have negative emotion (feel bad) like doubts or fear, our DNA will be tight.
So our emotions can change our DNA.
For your information, when our DNA is relax, we are healthy and tight DNA cause our immune system to suffer.

The DNA Phantom Effect

Now the second experiment shows how our DNA can affect our physical reality.
This experiment is called DNA Phantom Effect.
The experiment shows that when the put human DNA in a vacuumed container, the photons or light particles will move towards and follow the patten of that DNA.
And the photons remain in that pattern even when the human DNA was removed from the container.
When we connect these two experiments, our emotions can change our DNA and our DNA can change the physical reality.
So scientifically, we create our physical reality.
We are not victims. We can create the physical reality that we want through our beliefs and emotions.
There are many interesting experiments that you should check out. I add some of that at the end of this page.
Now that’s the scientific part.
If you’re not really into science, you might be more interested in something related to spirituality or religions.
I know in The Secret, Rhonda Bryne mentioned about the part from the Bible and I also mentioned about that before which is “Ask and you shall receive.”
But there is actually more to that.
Let me share with you the difference that Gregg Braden found between the new version of the Bible and the ancient bible that he found in an old secluded monastery.
This is an excerpt from his book, The Divine Matrix. It’s on page 88.
Relating to our ability to participate in the events of life, health and family, a comparison of the modern biblical version of “Ask and you shall receive,” for example, with its original text gives us a lot of ideas of just how much can be lost. The modern and condensed King James Version of the Bible reads:
“Whatever ye ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy maybe full.”
When we compare this to the original text, we see the key that is left out.
“All things that you ask straightly, directly … from inside My Name –
you will be given. So far you haven’t done this …
So ask without hidden motive and surrounded by your answer.
Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness be full.”
Can you see the missing part?
Similar to what we discussed in Step 2, in order to materialize your desire, you have to be in the same frequency or vibration of that desire.
You have to feel as if it already manifested.
Another ancient text that is very interesting to me that relates to creating our reality is The Lost Gospel of Thomas. This ancient text was found in Egyptian monastery and it is believed that it was written around 300 years after Jesus.
In the Lost Gospel of Thomas, Verse 106, it says,
“When you make the two (thought and emotion) one, you will say to the mountain, “mountain move away!”
And the mountain will move away.”
This is one of the many things I learned from Gregg Braden on his research around ancient text. Of course if you search on the internet, there are various translations of this gospel.
Some believe that “the two” are not thought and emotion, it is symbolizing the opposites, male and female, inner and outer.
I think Gregg Braden said that the Lost Gospel of Thomas is talking about emotion because from the research he had done with the monks, nuns and the abbots who able to perform what we call miracles, Braden discovered that they use their feelings or emotion as their prayers.
The FEELING is the prayer.
You must think and feel as if it already achieved when you’re doing that prayers.
So he learned from these monks and abbots on how powerful our thoughts and emotions are, and not just translating from text that was written thousands years ago in which the authors are already dead and we can’t confirm it.
What I have shared with you so far are the scientific and spiritual reasons and evidence that resonate with me and has strengthen my believe about the Laws of the Universe I learned from Abraham Hicks and Bashar.
I believe the great teachers like Jesus and Buddha actually thought the same thing but their teachings have been lost in translation and most probably had been edited.
So I believe no matter what is your religion or beliefs, there are some part in the teachings of your religion, your beliefs and experiences that you can resonate and relate with what I had shared with you so far in this course.
As an example, I was born into a Malay couple in which by default, I would be a Muslim.
So I went to Islamic classes to learn about this religion.
Since I was a teenager, there are some parts about this religion that didn’t make sense to me.
For example, we must believe that God is the most loving. There is even a story I read where it says that God loves us more than our parents.
To me, if that is true, then there will be no Hell. If you really love someone, how can you put him/her in Hell?
Another thing I learned about God is that He is Fair or Just.
But if God is fair, why those who are not Muslim or believe in Islamic teaching will go to Hell for all eternity also? Even Mother Teresa or Gandhi?
That does not resonate with me.
When I learned about religions, there are always contradictions on God’s characters.
I’m not saying that you need to denounce your religion in order to follow the teachings about the Laws of the Universe, as there are thousands of religions and even in one religion has so many denominations or school of thoughts.
You can just find parts of your religion or belief that resonate with what you’ve learned.
Like for me I really resonate with God is the Most Loving.
God is everywhere. If God is everywhere, then God is also within us.
And thus, we are powerful being.
We can create our reality.
God is the Most Loving that we get everything we ask.
The only reason why most people don’t get what they ask for or in another words their prayers are not answered because they have been praying the wrong way.
Most of us when we pray, it’s because we are in a shitty place, we were desperate and so we cried on our prayer mat or in church begging God to help us.
That’s not the way to ask or pray.
From the ancient texts that were lost, we must think and feel as if our prayer or what we want had been manifested.
Another thing I want to mention, STEP 3 is not only about finding the reasons to believe in STEP 2, the Laws of the Universe.
Whatever you want, you must find the reasons to believe that you can manifest it.
Back to my Jersey story, during the time I was looking for her, I would read about stories of lost pets who had been found.
I read and looked at my experience with my own dogs on how strong they are physically and also their will to live.
I reminded myself how strong and intelligent Jersey is.
This step is VERY important because you’ll find people around you who will try to shove their beliefs to you.
Thus, if your reasons or beliefs are not that strong, you’d fall into their trap and live in the same reality as they do.
When I lost my dog, I didn’t share it on my Facebook because I know a lot of people would start to give sad face, crying icons and give negative comments.
Most people will express their sympathy and worries which is not the positive vibration I needed to find Jersey.
I think one of the things that screwed our world is that most people equate love and care with worry.
If you’re not worry about your children, it means you don’t care or love them.
Not many children grow up knowing that all is well.
The way we live as if we expect bad things to happen.
I made a mistake of telling my co-workers about what happened to Jersey.
I couldn’t keep it because the first few days after I lost Jersey, my eyes were swollen from crying and I took emergency leaves, so my colleagues asked me what happened.
Mostly everyday they would ask whether I have found Jersey. Those who have dogs would tell me stuff like, “Oh I don’t know what would happen to me if my dog is missing. I would be devastated.”
Or “If my dog is missing, I’m sure he wouldn’t know how to come back and would be hit by car.”
The worst part was, they would say the same thing every day about how they would be sad and their dog will be hit by car if their dog is lost.
The lesson learned here is that, if you have a big dream where majority of people don’t believe it or the statistic is not in your favor, do not tell it to everyone.
Keep your big dreams until you have enough momentum or your belief is strong enough that no force can knock you down into lower vibration or negative emotion.
Besides that, when you don’t really know about something, choose to focus on the positive outcomes instead of the negative.
I didn’t know what really happen to Jersey when she was missing.
I didn’t know where she was, whether she had food to eat, had shelter or was she hurt.
Most people would be worry and think of the worse case scenarios instead of the best scenarios.
I chose the best scenarios.
I imagined Jersey was well, having a blast on her adventure.
I imagined her become the leader of a pack of stray dogs.
I know she’s tough as she’s a gangster at home. The smallest but so brave she would attack her big brothers and sister.
When I thought of the positive aspects, the negative ones didn’t make sense to me.
I believe this helped me in finding her and bringing her home too.
Now that you have reasons to believe that what you learn in STEP 2 is true, let’s go to the next step, Test It.
But before you go, do check out the links provided below so that you’ll see and understand better the things I just told you.
This experiment show changing frequency would change the salt pattern.
This video will make you start to doubt your physical reality. Are you really sure what you see IS what really is?
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