Module 2
The Beast Vision Videos
Vision Videos using the Brainwaves Entrainment Technology that will help you reach meditative brain state like the Tibetan Monks in less time.
No need to spend hours. Just 15 – 20 minutes a day to see the powerful impact on your mental state and physical experience.
Just listen and watch the videos to relax your mind and manifest your desires.
The sounds were originated from Trypnaural Meditation which are used by therapists, hypnosists and sound healers.
Chetz Togom, Beasts Barn Founder, Dog Lover.
Quick Guide on Beast Vision Videos
This is a quick guide on meditation, brain entrainment technology and how to use the Beast Vision Vibes (BVV) videos.
If you haven’t started the Beast Blueprint Module, here’s a quick introduction on how this BVV works so you can start using it.
Everything is vibration. We attract and experience things and events that have the same vibration that we project.
Thoughts are vibration. When we think of something, we project out the vibration of the things we think about.
You’ve probably heard the quote “Thoughts become things”, if you’ve been learning about the Law of Attraction.
For most of us, we already have a thinking habit (belief) that is negative such as worry, doubt and fear.
There is already a huge thought momentum that most of the times, it’s very hard to change.
That is why many people find it hard to meditate where we need to slow down our thoughts.
That is also why most of the times affirmations don’t work as our beliefs (thoughts that we keep thinking) and feelings are not in alignment with what we say or affirm because of that momentum.
Meditation helps to stop the momentum of thoughts so we can easily start a new thought.
Thus, it’ll more effective if we meditate first, get our brain in the right vibration or frequency before we do our affirmation.
Meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without harmful side effects.
PLUS it can also help in attracting and manifesting your desires. Although meditation is simple, is it not easy as it sounds.
Most of the time when we ask how to meditate, the typical answer would be, just sit comfortably with your eyes close and clear your mind by focusing on your breathing.
Sound easy right? Yup. It SOUNDS easy.
Most monks meditate at least four hours daily and they practice for years in order to reach a certain level.
But for most of us, we don’t have that kind of luxury, do we?

Most people work 9 to 5, travel to work, family to take care of. We don’t have that much extra free time and places like the mountains or peaceful temples or ashrams to meditate.

To just sit and breathe is no longer a simple task when you have 100 lists of things to do in your head and your children/pets making noise in the background!

But THANK GOD for Science!
Now, BVV videos will help you “hack” your brainwaves so that it achieve a Tibetan Monk Like meditative state in 6 minutes.
This is based on studies of brainwaves entrainment.
Entrainment is a principle of physics. It is defined as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles.
Brainwave entrainment is the practice to stimulate the brainwave frequencies to a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep) using a rhythmic stimulus.
Below is a picture of brainwaves response to sound pulse.
This shows that after 6 minutes of listening to the rhythmic stimulus, the brainwave will synchronize its frequency with the sound pattern.
Thus, brainwave entrainment can assist us to achieve a meditative state faster!
That is the reason why in each BVV video, before the vision affirmation start, you will first listen to the brainwaves entrainment audio for at least 6 minutes.
To gain the full benefit of this recording it is recommended that you listen to it through stereo head phones, making sure that you are lying or sitting comfortably in a safe environment.
Please DO NOT listen to this session while you are driving your car or operating machinery.
Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are have epilepsy or any other neurological conditions.


During the first 6 minutes, you can watch the video, focus on the kaleidoscope images and colors if it soothes you OR you can close your eyes, just breathe comfortably and relax while listening to the audio. There will be a distinct sound of Tibetan singing bowl at 6 minutes which indicate that the affirmation video will be starting in a few seconds.


After 6 minutes, pictures and affirmations will start and all you need to do is watch and read the affirmations which takes about 3 minutes.


Continue listening to the audio in the background while you do your work. It is recommended that you take a break after 30 minutes and to not listen to brainwave entrainment more than 3 hours a day.
There’re a few reasons why I put Kaleidoscope for the first 6 minutes of the videos instead of just closing the eyes and breathe while listening to the brainwaves entrainment sound.
I was actually looking for mandala videos when I found a beautiful kaleidoscope videos from HDCOLORS.
About a year ago I found a Healing Mandala video shared on Facebook in which the maker claimed that by watching it, it can heal your illness.
I was having this back pain so I thought I would try it. My back pain was gone after 3 days watching that Healing Mandala for a few minutes.
Now that I understand how healing works, I know that watching that mandala is a way of releasing resistance as it is soothing to look at.
I also believe that the energy of that mandala also helped in altering my vibration.
I couldn’t find a nice mandala video that I can get permission to use, but found this beautiful kaleidoscope videos created by Ken @
I feel this soothing and relaxing feelings when watching the kaleidoscope videos. So I did some research about Kaleidoscope.
According to Clifford Kuhn, M.D, Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Kentucky,
“The essence of health is wholeness, an integration of body, mind, and spirit in equilibrium. Medical research has revealed that many of our current illnesses are the result of the effect of stress, which seems ubiquitous in our modern society. Stress is destructive to our body, disorganizing to our mind, and disabling to our spirit.
It has been demonstrated that a regular habit of quietly drawing aside from one’s usual responsibilities for reflection and relaxation significantly repairs or prevents the potentially destructive effects of daily stress.
Kaleidoscope viewing is one such activity of repair. It is restorative to the body in that it requires physical stillness and stimulates pleasant visual sensations. At the same time it has a beneficial effect on the mind by presenting an endless variety of form and color combinations that stir the imagination and stimulate the intellect.
Kaleidoscopes are, likewise, good medicine to the spirit as they reflect the constant emergence of order out of disorder and provide a sense of participation in the creative process. In this way, regular viewing of kaleidoscopes can be a significant contributor to a person’s overall health.”
Kaleidoscope by
Studies showed that light and color not only affect psychological behavior, but also physiological systems of the body.
According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology nutritionist Richard J. Wurtman, research has shown that individual colors influence respiration rates, blood pressure, along with biorhythms and brain activity. Due to these findings, color is used as a treatment for a wide-range of illness and disease.
Faber Birren, a leading color consultant, said, “children grow faster than usual, work ability and grades are improved and catarrhal infections are fewer [when exposed to ultraviolet light].”
If you just started to meditate, watching this kaleidoscope video will make it easier for you to relax your mind.
As for how long you should watch and listen to the sound, based on Abraham Hicks, it only takes 17 seconds to start a momentum of thoughts and by 68 seconds the momentum will be enough for the Law of Attraction to start gathering all the cooperative components.
So, you actually don’t have to spend hours to focus on what you want in order for you to manifest them.
Abraham also suggests to meditate 15 – 20 minutes only. Bashar is also suggesting that you imagine or visualize your desires and feel it as much as you can for up to 15 minutes.
We don’t actually have to meditate for hours a day to manifest our desires.
These BVV videos will take around 9 minutes. For me I will continue milking the good feeling for another 6 minutes.
For the BVV that I created, I used general affirmations which I believe most of us would still feel good when we say it.
Don’t worry if you don’t resonate with the affirmations and images as in Module 3: Create Your Own BVV, you’ll learn how to customize your own Beast Vision Vibes videos.
Now you can select your first BVV videos below.
Beast Vision Videos
Here are the pre-made Vision Videos to help you relax, release stress and manifest all your desires.
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