“You have to leave everybody else out of the equation because it doesn’t matter how somebody else looks or how much they eat or how much result they get from what they do. None of that is relative to you.”
Reaching ideal weight, or a least being healthy and fit, is one of the “struggles” that most people have in this era.
Fast food and all those delicious food, plus our hectic schedule, it feels impossible to get the body we’ve been dreaming of.
But again, all those advice on how to lose weight are just BELIEFS. Note that belief is just thoughts that we keep thinking.
Change our thoughts, change our beliefs and then our reality will change too.
To help us change our thoughts, I created this video using the Key of OM F Sharp Theta track, the Trypnaural brainwave entrainment session that is tuned to 432Hz in an F Sharp Major chord, embedded with a 4 Hz deep theta Isochronic Tones session that starts at upper alpha.
To know more about this, you can watch the Sonic Geometry documentary below.
“The concepts of spirituality are typically the physics we haven’t understood yet.”
Nassim Haramein
Please DO NOT listen to this session while you are driving your car or operating machinery.
Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are have epilepsy or any other neurological conditions.
Beast Vision Video


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After watching the video, you can continue listening to the audio, while meditating or just playing it on the background.
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Hi, I’m Jaziel Janang. You can call me Jazi. This is the end and the beginning.