DM/Chat Coaching

Not comfortable to talk on the phone or zoom call, but need guide in manifesting your desires or just overcoming life challenges? Then this is for you!

Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Chetz

And I’m an introvert. So I understand if you don’t feel like talking but have so many things, questions in your mind that need answers. Through Direct Message (DM) we have time to collect our thoughts and organize our words.  So if you’ve been wanting to find someone to guide you in manifesting what you want but not through “speaking” to them, then this is for you!

How It Works

Direct Message Coaching

After your purchase, text me the top two things you want to manifest that are a priority in your life right now, the number one challenge you believe is stopping you from realizing those desires.

I will guide you on how to manifest your desire, as well as what manifestation techniques that, in my opinion, will work for you.

This coaching is based on what I learned from manifestation/law of attractions teachers and my personal experience. The methods I suggest are mostly the ones I’ve tested myself and have worked for me and with those in my network.

It is important to keep in mind that manifestation is ultimately in your hands. I am here to guide you and offer my insights, but the outcome of your manifestation journey depends on you, and only you. My role is to provide information and guidance, but ultimately you are responsible for your manifestation journey. Manifestation can sometimes defy logic, current science, religious beliefs and common sense, so we must all experiment and discover what works best for us.

Also, note that I won’t be answering questions on specific health issues as that is not my area of expertise.

For dm, I’m using either Whatsapp or Telegram. I might also communicate with you via email if it is more appropriate. However, if you would like to suggest any other direct message applications, please let me know.





You must agree with the following when you purchase my coaching program.


In accordance with the law in several countries, we must point out that all law of attraction, manifestation coaching or programs given here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the coaching . The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions.


I do NOT accept refund as I strive to perform my job to the best of my ability and deliver a quality service. Please make sure you have read all the details and understand your responsibilities before proceeding. Keep in mind that manifestation is not an exact science and it depends greatly on you. I am here to offer guidance, but please note that no refunds will be granted. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.


I’ll do my best to respond to your dm asap. However, note that I live in Malaysia (GMT +8) so please allow 24-36 hours to response to your message based on the different time zone. Additionally, I also take weekends off.


$117 $77

  • Max 5 DM within 31 Days (the first day start on the date of purchase)
  • Personalize action plan
  • Digital downloads


$297 $117

  • Unlimited DM within 31 Days (the first day start on the date of purchase)
  • Personalize action plan
  • Digital downloads