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The Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge

Learn how to train your dog to choose YOU over distraction through simple 3-Minute GAMES!

The 25 DAY, Play-From-Anywhere Homeschool Dog Training 100% Online Programme that Teaches You How to be Sexier than that Squirrel!

Sexier Than A Squirrel 25 Day Challenge with Tom and Lauren

Success Stories

    Hi! I’m Chetz

I'm 47 years old dog parent

Quit my job during 2020 pandemic to be with my dogs

I'm learning how to have more fun with my dogs and sharing my experience with other dog parents

I started rescuing dogs in 2007 and before that I didn’t know anything about dogs since I grew up in a culture where having dogs as pet is a sin.

Dogs are the most amazing creature I know. It’s a blessing to have them in my life. But honestly, taking care of multiple dogs are not easy and it’s actually can be depressing if you don’t know how to deal with the struggles.

I’ve learned a lot (still a lot to learn) for the past 15 years being a dog parent and sharing my journey to those who also want to have more fun and healthy life with their dogs.

Email me at or you can also use the contact form on my website if you have any questions.