Game-Based Dog Training

Warning: This is NOT the Conventional “Sit, Down, Stay” or “Pack Leader” Dog Training

My Story

Becoming Pro Dog Trainer

When I found Absolute Dogs, I was actually just looking for something fun to do with my dogs at home during the pandemic. I had extra 5 hours a day because I didn’t need to travel to work.

Little did I know, searching for fun led me to change profession!

The training method is fun and so interesting that I feel more dog parents should know about this. It needs to be spread like wild fire!

Real Life REsult

Re-shaping the Brain, not the Behavior

One of the things that make sense about this training method is that it focuses on the brain instead of just getting the dog to do a certain behavior.

Game-based dog training is also called Concept dog training because it sees the dog’s brain made up of concepts such as calmness, optimism, focus and self-control.

And all these concepts make up the dog’s personality.

If you enroll in beginners dog training class that uses this method, you won’t learn how to teach your dog to sit because if your dog is weak in the concept of focus, it’d be hard for you to get your dog to sit or learn any other commands.

CustomiZed Lessons Plan 

Training The Dog In Front of You

If you’ve had more than one dog, you know that every dog has its own personality.

One dog might be very optimistic but very weak in self-control. He has no problem checking out the trash, bushes or go up to strangers.

And the other dog might be pessimistic and very focus. He is timid and most probably very reactive to noise and barks excessively when he hears something.

With concept dog training, these two dogs would have different lesson plans to turn their struggles to strengths.

Who is this for

Are You Game?

Is Game-Based Dog Training For You?

Answer the Yes or No questions below:

  • You want to have quality and fun time with your dog?
  • You understand that if you want to have a long lasting changed behavior or habit, it won’t take a day or two to change? You know it is a journey.
  • When you accidentally step on your dog, you apologize to her many times?
  • You have a busy lifestyle and can’t bring your dog for a walk every single day?
  • You don’t feel good using choke, prong or shock collar to correct your dog?
  • You want a stress free dog training method?

If your answer is YES to ALL the above questions, then game-based dog training is FOR YOU!!

Interested in Using Game-Based Dog Training Method?

I offer 1-2-1 zoom meeting to help you create a joyful experience living with your dog. Do contact me using the contact form on this site if you have any questions or need more info.