Module 1
The Beast Blueprint
This module will give you the steps or phases that will lead you to living a joyful satisfying life where you’ll create your reality with ease and the least resistance.

Hi. I’m Chetz Togom, the founder of Beasts Barn and the creator of this Beast Blueprint course.

This course is a result of my life transformation after about three years of learning and applying the teachings from a few law of attraction teachers who are “out of this world” .

I found that there are some differences when I studied the information from teachers who are from “this world” as their information tend to be logical which I believe so that more people would be attracted to it as it doesn’t sound weird or delusional.

And I believe that’s the problem.

Because of this, a lot of law of attraction teachings from certain teachers are sometimes totally opposite of the other teachers.

But note that this doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, it’s just that different people will understand the same information differently based on their vibration or the frequency that they’re tuned into.

If you’re new to this, you might be wondering what frequency got to do with manifesting desires. Don’t worry.

By the end of this course, you’ll know more about frequency and vibration.

However, the main thing is you’ll know how you can create your reality, manifest all your desires without stress, struggle or hard work.

I’m going to share with you what I learned about the Laws of the Universe that will help you hack your way into joyful and limitless living.

Excited yet?

Change the World by Example
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

When I started to see changes in my life after applying what I learned, I felt like I wanted to tell the whole world!

I wanted to share this information with my family, my friends as this will help them to be happier and have a better life!

But I also have some resistance as they will think that I’m crazy.

Worse, since this teaching is not in alignment with the Islamic teaching practiced in my country, I might be wanted by the religious authority for believing and spreading what they most probably consider as a cult.

Anyway, like Gandhi, Abraham Hicks also said that we teach by example.

My belief and intention is that those who will benefit from this information will be attracted to me and will ask me how I transformed my life and become happier.

It is also better to not share this teaching or any ideas you have to anyone until there’s a big enough momentum going.

You don’t want your idea to be dead before you even start because others will laugh at you.

So I only shared this with my VERY close friends who would listen to my nonsense and would probably try it.

When my friends also experienced magical things happening to them after applying the teachings I shared with them, like unexpectedly  receiving money and getting the job they wanted, I felt more excited to share this information.

I actually had been wanting to create this course in 2014, when I started to see magical things happening to my life and my friends.

But whenever I wanted to start, I’d feel stuck. The things I wanted to write about didn’t seem to flow.

I know from the teachings, if we don’t feel excited or when it seems hard, we should STOP and soothe ourselves into alignment with what we want to do first.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what I just said, you’ll know what it means by the end of the course.

Anyway, the inspiration and ideas started to flow in recently when I found my dog, Jersey, after she was missing for more than a month.

There were moments where I felt that it was impossible to find her when I looked at the situations.

But I did find her and I know in my heart that it wouldn’t be possible without applying the things I know about the laws of the Universe.

Although I believe in the Law of Attraction, the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Bashar years before this happened, this is by far the greatest evidence that had moved me from believe to knowing.

Now, I have no doubt whatsoever that this teaching is real, the processes to manifest whatever you want work and we can really BE, DO and HAVE whatever we want.

So here in this blueprint, I share with you all the steps and processes for you to magically manifest all your desires.

The 5 Step Process to A Happy Thriving Life
How Did I Come Up With The 5 Steps …
As an engineer, I learned that we have to have a systematic process in order to get a consistent result.
So I asked myself, what are the steps or phases I went through just before I found this teaching until my life really transformed?

I started with the phase before I found it because now I know that we attract everything into our lives.

When I looked back, I found Abraham or Esther Hicks on Youtube because I had a burning question that needed answer.

Why did I experience bad event when I was really happy?

After being unemployed for nearly a year, I got an engineering job again in June 2013. I was really happy.

Then, just a month after that, a video I made three years prior, suddenly became viral because it offended the Malay race here and I was brought to court, remanded for three days.

I was really mad. I thought that because of the Law of Attraction, when you’re happy, you’re only going to attract more things and events that make you happy.

So how did I attract bad situation when I was happy?

Note that when you have a question in your mind, even if you’re not searching for the answer, the answer would come to you.

Answers to our questions are all around us, most of the times we are not aware of them.

When suddenly it appears, we think it’s just a coincidence.

It’s not a coincidence that you found this course.

Yes. You attract this information to you through the vibration you projected out.

So I’m sure you’ll resonate with the teachings I’m sharing with you here and will benefit greatly.

Below are the 5 Steps Method to Magically Manifest All Your Desires …

The Beast Blueprint
Follow the steps below to magically manifest all your desires.
Intensity of the Desire
Part 1: The 3 Universal Laws
Part 2: The Vibrational Universe
Part 3: The Higher Self
Finding Reasons to Believe
Test It
Mastering Manifestation
Besides this 5 Steps, in Module 2, you have the tools to help you relax and be in the right frequency to receive the information you need to attract all your desires.
So before you continue, do some stretches, take a deep breath and go to Module 2 first.
Pick one Vision Video/Audio that you’re most attracted to right now, watch and listen to it.
If you don’t resonate with the affirmation, that’s ok. Instead of reading the affirmations you can close your eyes and just breathe.
Breathe and imagine filling your body with oxygen. Imagine the refreshing Oxygen go into your whole body.
Once you’ve done that and feel relax, continue the course.
I want you to be in a RECEPTIVE MODE, in a frequency where you will receive and understand this teaching so that you can manifest whatever you want soon!
The Beast Vision Videos


If you have any questions, please email me using this form. Looking forward to hear your magical stories!