My story

From Industrial Engineer To Reality Engineer

Achieve Your Dream Life EFFICIENTLY.

The Beginning

Hi! I’m Chetz

I was born in the state of Johor, Malaysia in 1975 and stayed by my grandparents since I was still a baby.

Although I was born female, I have never felt or relate to the definition of being female or a girl since I can remember.

I’m really blessed because although I live in conservative culture, my grandfather was ahead of his time.

He was very supportive and let me be whoever I want. 

Whenever people asked him if I am a boy or a girl (because most people confused when they saw me), he would tell them I’m a boy.

So my childhood was great since I could be my true self.


Since I got whatever I wanted… well MOSTLY.

While my grandfather was very supportive, my grandma not so much.

She told me if I didn’t go to school, she would find a husband for me.

I only successful to postpone schooling for 4 years.

When my family were concerned about me not going to school, my worry-free grandfather would tell everyone that I’m going to study in university overseas.

It annoyed my grandmother every time he did that LOL.

But it seemed like he could predict the future OR, my theory is, he knew about the law of attraction.

Because what he said really manifested.

I graduated from Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA. I got a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Work Experiences

Gresham, OR


After I graduated in 1998, I became one of the pioneers team in the first semiconductor foundry in Malaysia. The first Industrial Engineer there.

I was sent to San Jose, Gresham and Arizona USA for on job training.

San Francisco, CA


One year after I came back to Malaysia, in 2001, I opened a cafe as side hustle.

I was an engineer during the day and waiter, cleaner, cashier, manager and chef (when the chef was sick) at night.

The business only lasted for nine months. I lost everything. My savings, bike, car and my confidence.


It took me 6 years to get back on my feet. Once I could breathe a bit financial, I decided to start another business. But this time I did it full time. Yes. I quit my day job.

My first online business was teaching guitar online.

Besides that, I also taught about website building and online marketing. 

But I couldn’t really focus on these when ….


My best friend and I rescued 5 abandoned puppies on March 12, 2007.

I remember this date because it is the same date that my grandmother passed away.

From 5 puppies, in no time I had 13 rescued dogs.


Since I know how to train my dogs, I decided to help train other people’s dogs.

I also uploaded my dog training videos on Youtube.

But my businesses didn’t make enough to cover the cost to take care 13 dogs.

So I had to work for other people again.

Instead of going back to engineering field, I tried other things that interest me, more on creative side.

Drum Circle & Team Building Facilitator

Personal Assistant/Admin @ Theater Company

Writer for Newspapers & Magazine


After 6 years of working at the stuff that interest me, I was back to engineering field as it pays more and the working time is more fixed or stable compared to work in events companies.

Less than a month when I was at this job, something major happened that shifted my perspective about this reality.


One of my dog videos became viral and a lot of Malays got offended because I made the video about dogs and eid celebration.

They accused me of insulting Islam.

I was remanded for 3 days.

Esther Hicks


After I was released, I couldn’t go straight back to work because my case was still hot in the country so there were still angry Malays who wanna beat me up. The company gave me 2 weeks off until things cool down.

I used that 2 weeks to reflect on my life and find the answer on how to stop struggling and get what I want, which is financial and time freedom.

My search led to Esther Hicks who’s channeling Abraham, which often called Abraham Hicks. Abraham Hicks taught me about the laws of the universe and how to use it to thrive in this life.


Once I applied what I learned, cool stuff started to happen.

One of them was the offer to work in Singapore which came out of no where. Never planned it.

I just tripled my salary without searching for job.

Walking across the Malaysia-Singapore border to work.


When the pandemic hit early 2020, the Malaysia-Singapore border was closed for daily commute. So those who stay in Malaysia had to take leave or work from home.

In December, 2020, the company gave us ultimatum, move to Singapore or resign. All my colleagues who stayed in Malaysia moved to Singapore.

But I resigned, even without any other job offers.

I did this because I understand the laws of the universe. I follow the path of least resistance.

If I moved, I know for sure I would be depressed and guilty for not being with my dogs.


Now instead of improving machine efficiency, I help improve people’s dream manifestation efficiency through my social media contents, 1 to 1 coaching and my online course, Steady Like A Dog: The 7 Keys To Be In Alignment With Your True Self & Manifest Your Desires.

If you want to achieve your goals and success more efficiently, in order words, easily and effortlessly, follow my social media accounts or work with me either 1 on 1 or group coaching when you join the Steady Like A Dog course.


My Beasts

Reo Sugus Nario

Specialized in deception, grumbling and games.

Jersey Saffron

Specialized in surviving skills & games. Went on adventure alone for 33 days in a forest.

Yusni Gusni

Specialized in energy reading & effective attack bite.

Ciku Schmiku

Specialized in home security & finding escape routes.


Caesar Catigulla

Specialized in voice coaching and how to trip humans.

Golek Schmolek

Specialized in sleeping, chilling and food appreciation.

Riang Ria

Specialized in motivation and self-healing.

Stevie Ray Qasseem

Specialized in third eye and alternative senses activation.

Chikitita Starshine

Specialized in strategic attack & food appreciation.

Ross Jaws

Specialized in effective bite work and escape route search.

Flip Jack

Specialized in public relation & family protection. Flip died protecting his family from deadly cobra. Flip is our Hero.

Jasper Jackson

Specialized in insects bites and synchronize howling.


Specialized in beauty poses and expressing love.

Indiana Bones

Specialized in comedy and stealing toys. He was Beasts Barn’s jester.

Gabriel Michael

Known as the Genius. Specialized in obedience training and synchronize howling.

Oren Goren

Known as the Escape Artist. Specialized in rebellion and climbing fence.


Specialized in skin healing and water games.