My Why

I EXIST to EXPLORE what I love and what I don’t. Do more of what I love.

So far, what I love and fill me with joy are dogs. Thus, one of the reason I exist is to enjoy the company of dogs.

I also exist to learn about the laws of the universe. Learning and experimenting about law of attraction and manifestation excite me.

The other thing that interest me is creating digital stuff, like making videos, websites and develop applications like my Notion Manifestation Journal.

So these are the things that you’ll find on my website.

Hi! I’m Chetz

I believe

There is NO “One Right Way” for EVERYone.

In fact, there is NO right or wrong ways. We are here to learn and discover the things that bring us joy and make us feel fulfilled.

We are all worthy of success and happiness because we exist. We don’t have to struggle and sacrifice anything to achieve all that.





To live an abundant, prosperous and happy life.

To be a better person and live a better life for myself and my dogs than the people who say, “it’s JUST a dog” and who believe I’m going to hell and will never be successful and happy because I have dogs.

And help guide those who have similar beliefs and experiences as me, do the same.

It may sound like I’m resentful or want to take revenge. Honestly, I did in my early years. But not anymore.

I believe if more of us show up fulfilled, joyful and prosperous, the world will be a better place because it will drown the noise from people who keep shouting, “this is the ONLY way.”





Live & Let Live