How I Make Sure I Do My Manifestation Rituals DAILY

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Beast Boss Manifestation Journal Will Help To Reprogram Your Brain To Remember Your “Future”

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If you’re a student or follower of Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard and/or Bashar’s teachings, this one is FOR YOU.

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT: “I know what to do to manifest what I want, I did it before and it worked. But why I don’t CONSISTENTLY do it?!”

Well, the answer is most probably because you don’t have a simple system that organizes and keeps track your manifestation practices EASILY.

I learned from Abraham Hicks since 2013 and at first I was really excited and did the meditation, set intention, write positive aspects but after awhile I did less and sometimes even stop for a long period.

Life is Supposed to be Easy & Fun!

So here comes the SOLUTION!

This journal will make it EASIER for you to TRACK your manifestation rituals as you can access it using your computer and mobile devices.

It allows you to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT key elements in manifesting whatever you want. This is NOT a journal where you write your lenghty affirmations 55 times. It shouldn’t take a long time to set intention for a great day. We’re gonna spend more time having FUN!

More! More!

You’ll Get These Too!

Facebook Support Community

You can ask me or anyone from the community about using the journal or anything in regards to manifesting your dreams life in our Facebook group.

PDF Version of The Journal

Feel like writing? Print out the pdf, write on them and you can take picture or scan and then upload to your Notion journal for records.

Beast Vibes Meditation

These meditation audios used brainwave entrainment technique to help you get into receptive more faster.

Making Sure You Do It

Keep Track Your Manifestation Practices

Effortlessly ensure you do your manifestation practices, like your INTENTIONS, APPRECIATIONS and VISUALIZATIONS, daily as it is easy to track and access.

In the Vortex All Day

Seeing It, Manifesting It

Having fun looking at your VISION BOARD and add on new pictures with EASE!

Inspired Ideas Database

Record & Plan Your Inspired Actions

Don’t have to remember them all! Record ideas in your journal and later organize and plan which one you want to prioritize and do.

Daily Routine Tracker

Simply Track Your New Habits

Monitor your new practice and see your weekly progress.

Fun Abundance Game

Open Your Wealth Portal

Train your mind and body to receive and spend like a millionaire with my wealth game!

Prefer writing?

Use The PDF version

Sometimes you might feel like writing it down on paper. Well, you can do that also and later can take a picture and upload to your Notion journal if you want to.

Beast Vibes Meditation

Beast Vibes audios use the Brainwaves Entrainment Technology that will help you reach meditative brain state like the Tibetan Monks in less time.

No need to spend hours. Just 15 – 20 minutes a day to see the powerful impact on your mental state and physical experience.
Just listen and watch the videos to relax your mind and manifest your desires.
The sounds were originated from Trypnaural Meditation which are used by therapists, hypnosists and sound healers.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Chetz

I’m a dog lover, engineer and manifestation/law of attraction enthusiast.

I chose my dogs over my job during the 2020 pandemic and now I’m on my journey of testing what I learned about laws of the universe to achieve financial freedom and sharing what I learned with others.

I’m here to inspire and guide the ones who see things differently, the round pecks in square holes, the black sheep in the family and the ones deemed to “hell” for wanting to be and live their true self, to show up and live a joyful fulfilled life.

As a Manifesting Generator with 3/5 Profile (Explorer/Teacher), I had explored a lot of ways to achieve success and now it’s time to share what I learned for the past 30 years.

I’m going to share with you a more effective and efficient ways to create our dream life by harnessing the power of the universe.

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