Module 1
Test It
Hope you’re excited now about manifesting your desires with the information that you’ve learned so far.
You’ve past the heavy stuff and now it’s time to have some fun.
This step will help you shift from BELIEVING to KNOWING that you are the creator of your reality.
I’m going to share with you what you need to do in order to experience DELIBERATE CREATION.
I believe those who learned about the Law of Attraction will start applying what they learn before they strengthen their belief about the Law of Attraction.
And because their belief about the Law of the Universe and their understanding are not strong enough, they didn’t manifest the things they want and then they concluded that this stuff is woowoo bullshit.
Secondly, when they start applying what they learned, they straight go for their big goals that they have for a long time.
When a big goal hasn’t manifested for a long time, there is a huge resistance about that goal, so it’s harder for it to manifest.
So what we must do first is to manifest EASY stuff.
Things that we don’t think about much, like butterfly, elephant, feather.
Things that don’t affect us or worry us if they don’t manifest.
Once we are already good at this, we’ll have more confident, stronger belief and then we go for the big dreams!
Don’t worry, it won’t take long if you just chill and have fun.
Note that there are many processes that you can do to test what you just learned.
I’m going to share those I had used and worked for me.
Also note that based on Abraham and Bashar teachings, all you need to do is GET HAPPY or FOLLOW YOUR EXCITEMENT.
And everything that you want will be attracted to you.

The 30 Day Challenge

One of the first things I did when I learned this stuff from Abraham is the 30 Day Withdrawing from Reality Challenge.
Withdraw from reality as much as you possibly can for 30 days.
Do not watch television or listen to the radio except stuff that will increase your vibration like funny movies or shows that make you laugh.
Avoid watching, talking or reading about the news.
Do not login to your social media account like Facebook. As for me I closed my Facebook account temporarily.
Cancel all your meetings with friends or family if you can.
Withdraw from reality as much as possible.
With more time in your hand, do more things that make you happy.
A hobby that you’ve wanting to work on.
Go walk on the beach, watch the sky or play an instrument.
Meditate 10 – 15 minutes a day. This is very important for you to practice listening and receiving information from your Higher Self.
Buy a notebook and call it The Book of Positive Aspects and everyday write all the positive things that happen in your life.
Before you start your day, the first thing when you wake up, think of those positive aspects and all the things you appreciate in your life.
When something happens and you feel negative feelings, do your best to focus back on things that make you feel good.
Think of something easy.
For me when I felt bad, I quickly imagine my dog Jersey because just imagine her face would make me smile.
If you still can’t change the negative feelings, take a nap.
Sleep will stop the momentum. When you wake up it’s easier to focus on things that feel good.
I know sometimes, in certain situations, it is very hard to change from feeling really really bad and suddenly feeling good and laughing like mad.
What you need to do is just to feel a little better. Just feel a little RELIEF.
If you feel depress or powerless, anger is much better feeling than depress.
So be angry, be mad if that would make you feel better.
If crying will make you feel relief, then cry!
The first few days when I lost Jersey, I screamed out loud, angry at myself, the situation and cried like a mad person.
I let it all out. I felt relief. I also felt very tired because of the crying and screaming, so I slept.
Another important thing you must remember is to not beat up on yourself for having negative feelings.
You’ll get over it. With practice, you’ll move to a better feeling faster.
My mantra when facing challenging situation is “This too shall pass” and “All is well and getting weller”.
I just chant that in my head until I feel relief.
Besides that, I also remind myself of STEP 2 and 3.
When you’re doing this challenge, the first few days would be tough for most people.
But by day 3 or 4, you’ll start feeling better and then inspirations and ideas will flow to you.
Remember that ideas are manifestation that will lead you to the things you want. The manifestation is not just the end result.
On these days when you already start the happy momentum, before you go to work, maybe during or after shower, tell the Universe,
I want to see evidence that things are working out for me.
Then throughout the day look for that evidence. When you see or experience it, write it in your Book of Positive Aspects.
Besides that, when you’re feeling good, intent to see or manifest something easy like butterfly or feather.
For example, think about or imagine a butterfly for 17 seconds, then another thought about butterfly will come to you. Keep thinking the thoughts until 68 seconds (4 blocks of 17 seconds) and that’s it. All you need is 68 seconds to start the momentum for the Universe to orchestrate it for you.
I learned this from Abraham Hicks.
After doing these exercises, I started to see my life transforming.
Things started to feel easy, I felt peaceful as things I didn’t like either totally disappear or became rare.
I got to taste the feeling of being a deliberate creator when I started seeing butterflies everywhere!
And you must know this. When you ask or imagine something, don’t expect to receive exactly what you imagine.
Your imagination is just a template for your Higher Self to orchestrate for you what you want.
For example, when I told the Universe I wanted to manifest butterflies, the butterflies that I saw not only in the form of a live butterfly.
The butterflies appeared in different forms like a painting, pictures, on t-shirts, on tv or people mentioning the word butterflies.
Then I got excited and step up to another level.
I wanted to easily get a parking space.
This was a bit challenging because I knew at certain time, the place I wanted to go would usually have no parking space available.
But I decided to test it.
Since I had successfully manifested butterfly when I wanted to, I was pretty sure I could do this one too.
So what I did was soothing myself or talk myself into believing that I would get parking.
I would tell myself, “I know this. I know there are abundance of parking spaces and there are always possibility that people will go out. And since I know how the Universe works, I just need to ask and then let the Universe orchestrate it for me. Perfect time perfect place.”
Then I visualised parking the car and felt happy that I got the parking space easily.
Since then I have never had a hard time to get parking space!
Then I continued to move up another level like manifesting a material thing.
It was really fun doing this test because the things manifested like magic. It was something unexpected.
And because all the tests I did, I got a lot of evidence that whatever I learned about the Laws of the Universe is true.
So whenever I had doubts, I would look back at the evidence to remind myself that THIS WORKS. No doubt about it!
I had seen so many evidence!
When I was worried about not finding Jersey, I looked back at all the tests and evidence I got about manifesting the things I want. And how I was able to access the Energy that Create Worlds.
Once I did this, I got back my confidence and knowing that I will find her.
So you mush to through this STEP 4 first before you start wanting to manifest your bigger dreams.
Get the FEEL on how to deliberately manifest the easier things first.
I really suggest you do this 30 Day Challenge.
If you can’t do all the things suggested, just remember that the key is to GET HAPPY and then see what happen.
All the things you need to do in the challenge are just to help you GET HAPPY faster and easier.
It’s hard to be happy when you watch all those depressing and scary stories from the news.
I highly recommend that you meditate. You don’t have to sit and quiet your mind for 15 – 20 seconds.
Use the tools in Module 2, The Beast Vibe video to help you reach meditative state. All these videos are less than 15 minutes.
You can either watch the videos or if you prefer you can just use the music to meditate.
These musics come with embedded brainwave entrainment sound in which you’ll reach a meditative state like a Tibetan monk, a theta state, in just 6 minutes.
And that’s all for this step. Now go and start testing with the processes I just gave you. I also create a note where you can download and print so you remember what you need to do for STEP 4.
Now go and have some fun!
The Beast Blueprint
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