Module 1
Understand the Laws of The Universe
Part 3: The Higher Self

I’m going to share another information that is very important in manifesting our desires, especially if we’re in difficult situation.

Now you know that whatever you ask, it is given. The vibrational version of it is created.
The next thing you must know is that you have your own INNER guidance to help you in realizing or manifesting that vibrational version into the physical version.
Some people call this guidance our Inner Being, some call it Higher Self, some call them angels, God or Source.
Whatever the term you use, you must know that you’re not alone. You have help.
I use all those terms because to me, it’s all the same.
It’s the bigger extension of me that is all knowing and more powerful.
For this course, let’s just use Higher Self.
As I mentioned this before, a lot of people when talk about achieving success and the law of attraction, they focus and emphasis on the thoughts which is using our physical mind and also actions.
Everything is focus on the PHYSICAL PART of creation.
Note that although we are the only one who’s responsible in creating our physical reality, the reality that we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell right now, we don’t have to manifest this reality on our own or depends on the resources that are currently in our physical reality.
We don’t even have to figure out HOW we are going to manifest it.
We only need to be in the RECEPTIVE MODE, which is be in the vibration where we are able to receive the guidance from our Higher Self who has orchestrated everything, who knows the best way for us to manifest our desire.
So how do we know whether we are in the receptive mode?
It’s by the way we feel.
Remember The Law of Deliberate Creation states that when we give thoughts to the thing we want with emotion, then it will come fast.
Our emotions are the indicator whether we are in the receptive mode or not, because when we are in the receptive mode, we can receive the guidance from Source or Higher Self, which means we got help from the energy that creates world!
How awesome is that?!
When we are in the receptive mode, we’ll get impulses or inspiration on ideas and actions that that will lead us to the things we want.
These impulses or inspirations sometimes come out of nowhere.
This is what people call intuition, instinct or gut feelings.
Sometimes we don’t know where the ideas or thoughts come from.
We just have that thoughts and gut feelings of wanting to do something.
And note that there are only two types of emotions, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE emotion.
When you feel enthusiasm, excitements or even just hopeful, these are positive emotions.
When you FEEL GOOD, it means that you’re on the right path, Source or your Higher Self agrees and supports whatever you’re thinking or doing.
Another word that Abraham uses for when you’re in the receptive mode is you’re in ALIGNMENT.
When you’re in alignment, you have access to the energy that creates world, thus you are more powerful than millions who are not in alignment.
Besides Abraham, Bashar also teaches us to follow our highest excitement in order to get what we want.
So knowing this, all we have to do is be aware of how we feel and make feeling good our main priority so that we can receive those impulses and inspiration to get what we want easier and faster.
When I felt I had done my best and I realized that I wasn’t doing the things I know about how the Universe works and started to apply what I know which was giving feeling good my first priority, everything started to change.
I could still remember how I felt before I saw Jersey at the side of the road on that Thursday evening, August 25th 2016.
I felt good. I really looked forward to see her and I had this knowing, sureness in me that she will be home. No doubt.
There was not much thinking like “will she be here, should I turn left or right?”
Y’know how you can drive home without being aware or controlling much of the driving.
You know your way so surely that your hands and legs can steer the car to its destination.
On that day I was in alignment, there’s no resistance to the Source energy and the guidance to flow through me and my body.
Because of this, I drove to that spot at the same time when Jersey was there.
I had driven to the area a few times but that was not the main area that I focused on because the guy who saw her told me she ran to the opposite direction and it was supported by the animal communicator that did the map dowsing.
When I read the lost pets stuff on the Internet and saw how some people found their pets, they had lots of help. In the U.S., they even have organization that help people find their lost pets, they have pet detectives.
I don’t have that here.
As I mentioned before, I was the only one looking for Jersey. I didn’t have an army of friends or people helping me find her.
I didn’t put a lot of posters and distribute a lot of flyers.
I didn’t spend 24 hours searching for her. I had other commitments like my job and my other dogs at home to attend to.
Jersey could be anywhere and based on statistic of lost pets, the probability of me finding my dog is very low, especially when she had been missing for more than two weeks.
I live in a country where people don’t really care about dogs and there are so many stray dogs that it’s hard to notice a missing dog.
But then I told myself …
“Wait! I know how it works.
When I want something the Universe will orchestrate it for me.
I don’t need follow the same way as other people.
If I’m in alignment, I’m more powerful than others who are not. When I’m in the receptive mode I will get impulses on what to do and where to go to find Jersey.
I must just chill!”
So, I ate some ice cream.
And I spent a lot of times soothing myself. Talking to myself to remember all those stuff I know about the universe and all the evidence that what I know and experienced, so that I would feel relief and feel good about finding Jersey.
That’s how I found Jersey.
I found her because I know and understand how the laws of the Universe work.
I know for sure what I shared with you about the Laws of the Universe are true because I didn’t just read and learned about it, I had tested it, I had evidence that it is true.
That is why I divided this course into five steps because just knowing about the laws of the Universe is not enough for you to start manifesting your desires.
You must also find your own evidence.
This is what we’re going to do in STEP 3 which is Find the Reasons to Believe.
So if you sort of understand and resonate with what I shared with you so far, but you don’t really believe strongly that it is true. It’s ok.
I’ll help you with that in the next step.
The Beast Blueprint
Follow the steps below to magically manifest all your desires.
How It Started
Intensity of the Desire
Part 1: The 3 Universal Laws
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Part 3: The Higher Self
Finding Reasons to Believe
Test It
Mastering Manifestation