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Hello! I’m Chetz

Having furry children is not easy. We are often critized about the things we do or don’t for our dogs. And the worst critic of all is ourselves.

I want to share with you my journey as a dog pawrent and help you have a better life with your dog.

Episode 1: Freedom

Jan 10 ’21: How time flies. I know some people are glad that 2020 is over due to the pandemic that started earlier of the year. Everyone is hoping that things go back to normal in 2021 with the vaccines that are already available now.

But for me 2020 was a great year because I got to work from home. So I got to spend time with dogs, got more sleep and got to do things I like as I saved about 4 hours a day from traveling to and from work.

I stay in JB and commuted to Singapore daily to work. But since March 2020, the border is closed and those whose job doesn’t require them to be physically in the office or production area, we are allowed to work from home.

I heard plenty of employees who stay in JB but required to be physically at their work place lost their job at the time.

Making Decision

While those of us have been working from home for nearly a year and there are no issue about us completing our tasks, a few weeks ago my boss told me that there’s a new company policy where employees have to stay in country where the company has its office.

This means I have to move to Singapore if I want to keep my job.

If I can’t, my options are either resign or get terminated by the company by February.

If you know me for awhile now, I think you already know which option I picked.

Yes. I chose to resign because I won’t leave my dogs.

Now the rule is once you enter Singapore, you have to stay there for at least 90 days before you can go back to home country.

And if you want to go back to visit your family, you have to use your annual leave during quarantine. Just like that, 10 days of your annual leave will be gone due the 14 days quarantine.

You might ask, “How about bring your dogs to Singapore?”

You mean bring my 4 dogs to live in an apartment? No thanks!

The thing is, I’m already not that happy even leaving my dogs at home although they are very comfortable.

My dogs most probably don’t really care but it’s me who miss them.

After months of working from home, I actually wondered how I could go to work at the office again without them around me.

So it’s really easy for me to make the decision. DOGS or JOB? Dogs of course!

I’m sure a lot of people would think I’m crazy for choosing dogs over job.

But if you compare it like this …. LOVE or HATE? HAPPY or ANNOYED?

While I don’t really hate my job, I sometimes annoyed with some people there.

But I love my dogs like crazyyyyy and they make me happyyyyyyyy.

So I would think I’m nuts if I choose the job over my dogs.

But I see a lot of people leave their children and spouse in order to keep their job.

And I’m sure it’s because they believe that if they leave their job, it’s hard to find another job with the same salary or more especially during this pandemic period.

And without income or less than what they’re earning now, how can they feed their children and spouse? So they have to choose the job.

Well, I honestly would worry like them too if this happened to me 10 or 15 years ago.

We Create Our Own Reality

But I know better now. I know I create my own reality and I’m pretty good at it now.

In Nov 2019, there were a few cases where a lot of stray dogs were poisoned. I was angry but I wanted to feel relief.

At the time I saw a documentary on Netflix, The Next Pandemic where it showed how fast the virus spread all over the world and millions of people would die.

I closed my eyes and imagined the pandemic is happening and all the assholes who killed the dogs and their family all are infected and died.

I even shared it on Facebook.

I don’t know if the the people who poisoned the dogs got infected and died already or not, but I’m still grateful for the pandemic because I get to spend more time at home with my dogs.

When I got this job in Singapore, it’s 3 times my previous income. I still remember how I manifested it. I’ll tell you about that some other time.

When I started working at this job in January 2018, I told myself and my best friend, after 3 years at this job, I will move on to a better one.

It’s January 2021 so it’s already 3 years. One thing I know for sure about my life, things are getting better and better.

So since last time my income increase 3 times, I’m so excited about the amount the Universe will send me this time!!!

If you want to learn about becoming a beast in creating your own reality. Follow my Season 2021 episodes on my journey to FREEDOM! Arrrwooooooof!

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