Episode 1: Fuck Imposter Syndrome

by | Jun 29, 2022


Again, a new beginning. And this time I’m going to document this journey.

Lots of things happened in my life. I’m 47 now.

For the past one year after I resigned from my job …. well one year four months to be exact, I was in a “stuck” mode.

I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I did nothing but I felt tired all the time.

Maybe, I was tired because I have so many ideas I want to do but I didn’t know which one to do first. So many interesting things! Yet, I just sat, watching Youtube for hours …

“Learning”. What learning?!

For nearly 30 years I kept “LEARNING” the same thing. I KNOW I don’t need to learn anymore. I KNOW it already.

Most I’ve experienced it and IT IS TIME.

It is time to share with the world especially now when there are so many negative, fear based beliefs that are spoken out, LOUDLY.

I want to say it is fuckin’ NONSENSE. But I know better now.

I know I’m here on this earth to create the life that is perfect or RIGHT FOR ME, and ALLOW others to create the right one for them.

No matter how stupid or ridiculous I think what some others are doing, that is not my business.

I’m sure quitting my job without any income in place, because I can’t leave my dogs might sound stupid for most people, but for me it FEELS right.

And right now I’m pulled to share what I learned, what I experienced so far in my life. 

Although there are moment I feel like an imposter, “who am I to share or teach what I learned? I don’t feel I’m good enough.”

Today I say, “FUCK OFF!” to my imposter syndrome.

I believe there are people who need to hear, see and learn from me.

To know that they have CHOICES. They can choose to live the life they want.

Not the life they “THINK” they “SHOULD” live. 

Today, let’s just say, “FUCK OFF!” to anything that doesn’t serve us.

For example, my thought right now: “This post won’t get much views. No keyword research. Lousy SEO. No structure. Too short.”


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