Episode 3:

Day #17359: Start Again?

How many days have you been on this lifetime? Are you the same person as you were when you were a child? Or have you become the person you want to be or feel you as supposed to be?

Blogging … Again

At first I wanted to put the title as Day #1. Restarting my blog again. Wanting to start fresh. A new day. A new me.

Everyday is our birthday. So happy birthday to me, and to you.

I know we can just choose to be a different person when we wake up everyday. It’s just the momentum that keeps us being the same person , experiencing the same reality.

But if I put Day #1, I feel like I disregard and I’m not appreciating all the days that I had lived. The good days and even the bad ones that launched rockets of desires into my Vortex. The ones I can still remember and the ones I can’t.


Is the First Time or a Repeat?

Sometimes I wonder, have I lived this life before and came back at certain point to relive it? As I still have not learned something?

I read in one of Neville Goddard’s books that if we don’t revised our lives now, even when we die we will come back to the same life.

And my favorite shows on Netflix, Lucifer, describes Hell as the place where you relive the events that hurts you like guilt, over and over for all eternity.

Looking at this, we don’t need to die to go to Hell. Most of us keep reliving the guilt, grief and mistakes we made 20 years ago. We create our own Hell here… although we can create Heaven if we want to.


Why The Big Stuff Are Still Not Manifested

A few days ago, maybe on day #17355, I believe I discovered why I haven’t manifested the big things that I want.

Reason #1:  I didn’t realize I was still questioning myself, “What else I did NOT do? I meditate, I focus on the good things, but why I still not manifesting the big things?” This means I’m still aware of my what-is, what I still don’t have.

Reason #2: And this is the MAIN reason. I didn’t realize I want to feel good SO that I manifest what I want. I do something that make me feel good like singing and just chillin’ because I want to manifest something that I still do not have, like financial freedom, dogs sanctuary.

I haven’t reached a point where I want to feel good because it feels good. Period. Not because it’s gonna bring me money, or prevent my dogs from getting sick.

Just feel good because I deserve to feel good.

While it feels good for me to share what I learned and experience in my life, I have a lot of friction “TALKING” about it. Sometimes I wonder, why do I have this strong urge to be inspirational speaker if I don’t like to talk.

When I asked my aunt what she remembers me the most when I was a child, she said I was very quiet. I would have one pacifier in my mouth and another I used to rub my nose, just quietly observing others.

I also remember my late grandmother said to me after she saw me talking to my friends, “So you talk eh?”

So I guess that’s me. Not a talker, but I’m still looking forward to discover if one day, I would be an inspirational speaker talking on stage or maybe just someone who read a few pages of their bestselling books for their fans.

For now, for day #17359, I’m just gonna write and read my blog post for you. And that is good enough.

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Sending LOVE to you from my aunt and I 🙂