Episode 4:

Day #17360: WHY Are We Here?

At some point in our lives, most of us experience existential crisis. We feel stuck, we are not excited about life anymore. What’s the purpose of life? Are we here just to work and then die?

What is Your WHY?

Today I updated my WHY based on the things I talked about yesterday.

My previous why:

I’m here to inspire and guide the ones who see things differently, the round pecks in square holes, the black sheep in the family and the ones deemed to “hell” for wanting to be and live their true self, to show up and live a joyful fulfilled life.

When I wrote this, I based it on how other people wrote their why’s. Now looking at it, I feel it’s not my why. It’s who is my ideal audience and how I can serve them.

If you’re on Tiktok or Youtube long enough, you’ll familiar with this script.

Hi if you’re new, I’m Bla, I help Bla Bla to bla bla bla so they can bla bla bla bla.

While this works for some people, from what I learned so far, we are here for OUR OWN expansion. To explore and discover what we like and what we don’t like.

It has got nothing to do with others. HOWEVER, when we are in alignment with who we truly are by exploring and focusing on things that make us happy, indirectly we are contributing to this world.


How to Inspire Others

Some people told me I inspire them after they knew my life story. I didn’t do anything great.

All I did was being and doing what I believe in. Being my true self. I don’t change for people.

In my country, my race cannot have dogs. But I have dogs because I LOVE them! They make me happy.

Most people are programmed by other people’s beliefs. In terms of what we are supposed to do in life, we are taught to analyze what the world needs and we become that. The worlds need more doctors, so it will be easy to get a job if we become a doctor. So be a doctor.

Video editors will be in high demand now because of social media. So everyone wants to learn and become video editors.

I believe due to advice like this, there are so many burnt out, depression and mental illness.

We are NOT BEING who we truly are and DO what excite us.


My New Why

So this is my new why: WHY I EXIST

I EXIST to explore what I love and what I don’t. And do more of what I love.

So far, what I love and fill me with joy are dogs. Thus, one of the reasons I exist is to enjoy the company of dogs.

I also exist to learn about the laws of the universe. Learning and experimenting about law of attraction and manifestation excite me.

The other thing that interest me is creating digital stuff, like making videos, websites and develop applications like my Notion Manifestation Journal.

So my plan now is to do more of these things and share what I know and experience with those who are attracted to my content, who will benefit from it.


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I thought my life purpose was to save dogs. But since I know now why we all exist, I realize that bringing them home is the result of doing what bring me joy.