Episode 4:

The Virtual Reality Game

Follow the simple steps to create the life you want.

A Simple but Powerful Manifestation Tool

I’m going to share with you the Virtual Reality process from Abraham Hicks’ book, Ask and It is Given.

This process will benefit you in two ways: First, you will become familiar with the feelings of non-resistance, allowing you to detect when you have shifted into resistant thought at an earlier stage.

Second, when you are able to detect it earlier and practice it long enough that it is easier to move out of resistant thought, you are able to maintain your state of non-resistance longer, thus, the law of attraction will respond to you in a more positive way.

The Steps

To start this virtual reality process, first you will need to choose a location that makes you feel really good. This can be a real place you have visited, or you have seen in a movie or it can even be a place you created in your imagination.

Next consider the time of day, the weather and how you are dressed. Is it in the morning or evening? Is it cold, hot, windy?

If you choose to bring someone else into your virtual reality, make sure that it feels good to have them there.

Next what kind of mood are you in? Are you laughing or just sitting there, contemplating?

Once you’ve set the scene imagine and feel.

Virtual Reality Example

It’s 70 degrees with scattered clouds and the air feels wonderful on my skin. I have no shoes on so I’m enjoying the feeling of the cool clean sand under my feet. My clothes are loose fitting and very comfortable, and I feel very good in my body as I lazily walk down the beach feeling strong, happy, free and secure.

My dog is with me and she’s loving the glorious day as much as I am. It’s just me and my dog here. I’m enjoying watching her prance, leaving a trail of paw prints behind her, sniffing the sand and enjoying this lovely beach.

I’m very glad that we’ve come to this place. It was a very good choice. My dog runs up to me, circles around, doing the zoomies.

What a lovely day.

That’s it!

Important Points

This game may work best if you get into the scene quickly, bring yourself to a place of really feeling good and then get out.

If you stay too long you would get too logical and may even start trying to fix people or things.

Remember, this process is not one where you try to fix something that is broken. It is a process where you deliberately activate a scene in your own mind that causes you to transmit a vibration matching the scene you have activated.

Abraham recommends doing this game when you’re driving, standing in line, or lying in bed. You can even set aside dedicated time for it.

It’s important to note that this process is most effective when your emotional set point is somewhere between joy and boredom. Below is Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Let me know if you like this virtual reality process or want to know other processes that Abraham gives in this book.

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