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Let’s Get Better & Have Fun… TOGETHER.

Do you feel unfulfilled? Your life seems meaningless and doesn’t make sense? Are you sick of living by the rules and expectations of others? If your answer “yes” to all that, the next question is ..

Are Ready To Step Forward into a more FulFilled Life, Aligned with Who Your Really Are?

If your answer is also yes, then this community is for YOU.

I’m building a community of people who see things differently, the round pecks in square holes and the black sheep in the family who want to start moving towards the life they want through FUN and EFFORTLESS ways.

For nearly three decades, I’ve been learning and experimenting ways to manifest the life I want and I found there are two ways to achieve that, the hard way and the easy way.

By being in this community, I’m going to guide you using the effortless way. It’s IMPORTANT to note that, effortless does NOT mean there’s no action to be taken. It means you’ll FLOW with Life instead of struggling against it.

What You’ll Get

  • My Steady Like A Dog Manifestation Course
  • Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Q&A Sessions with me
  • Members Only Content
  • Community that support what you’re going through in building your life. When we have others on our journey to transformation, we significantly accelerate our manifestations.
  • I’ll regularly be answering questions, talking about life lessons and explore new ideas.


While I can understand the need to express our frustrations and anger on the unpleasant events we experience in our lives, this community is NOT for complaining.

Note that there’s a different between complaining and acknowledging your feeling and releasing/letting go of negative/resistance energy.

REMEMBER, we can’t have a new life if we keep telling the story of our old and current life. We can get that shit out, scream, punch & kick the pillow and then we move on.

This community won’t tolerate excessive negativity, judging and hate. Subscription will be canceled to members who starting to affect the community negatively.

Membership Subscription

Join as Pioneer Member TODAY at a price of Only USD9/month. Regular membership price is USD36/month. Cancel anytime.

*No refund.





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