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Identify Shifting Method

Oct 5, 2023

You might have come across manifestation techniques like creating an alter ego, identity shifting, and embracing a “delulu” thinking to change your reality.

I’ve noticed some folks discussing these methods, and while there are similarities, I’d like to share my personal approach and the reasoning behind it.

Remember, it’s essential to select permission slips or techniques that align with your frequency for them to be effective.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “permission slip,” it’s a concept often associated with Bashar.

A “permission slip” is a tool or technique that allows you to grant yourself permission to be your authentic self and pursue your desires and intentions.

Feel free to let me know in the comments or DM if my permission slip resonates with you.


The Name Change

First, the name change.

This isn’t my first experience with adopting a different name.

You see, my late grandfather was a shaman.

One of his methods for healing children who frequently fell ill or had behavioral issues involved a simple act: he would “purchase” the child.

Now, when I say “purchase,” he didn’t actually keep or adopt the child. Instead, he would give the child’s parents small coins, like 20 or 50 cents, and instruct them to call their child by the new name he had given him or her.

And that was it!

I was raised by my grandparents because I was a problematic child, and I’ve had several names throughout my life.

My previous avatar, Chetz, was a shortened version of the name my family gave me when I was a child: Pochetz. Then, my name changed once more. My family started calling me by a different name, which I won’t disclose here.

So this is one reason I chose to change my name, instead of sticking with Chetz 1.0 and 2.0 or referring to my old and current self.

It is because it aligns with a practice or ritual that has a history in my family.

The second reason is that it sends a clear message to my brain: this is an entirely different individual from the previous one. This distinction makes it easier for me to recognize when I slip back into old habits, like overthinking. I can simply remind myself, “Hey, that’s not Jazi; that’s Chetz. I am Jazi.”

If you cherish your name and want to keep it, another approach I recommend is giving a name to your previous avatar.

Consider it as if your old self was temporarily possessed by another entity, and now that entity has departed, leaving you as a different person inhabiting this body.



Have you ever grown sick of being and doing things that you know aren’t beneficial for you, to the point where you’re frustrated or even resentful of yourself for failing to change?

Chetz found himself in this predicament.

He understood the principles of the universe and what he needed to do, yet he struggled to overcome the sadness following Jersey’s passing.

After months of trying and failing, he had an inspired idea: he decided to embrace what that character wanted, which was to be with Jersey.

So we let go of the Chetz avatar and made way for a new one.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. If we’re already sick of our current human identity and experience, we have the power to change it.

But before embarking on this transformation, we must be crystal-clear about the beliefs and behaviors associated with our old identity, which have hindered us from embracing our authentic selves and living the life we prefer.

If you’re unsure about your limiting beliefs, begin by examining your behaviors, as they are often indicators of underlying beliefs.

For example, Chetz tended to overthink, procrastinate, and complicate content creation because he believed he didn’t communicate well. This stemmed from a lifetime of feeling unheard or misunderstood by others.

People labeled him as “quiet,” but it wasn’t that he was naturally quiet; he had simply given up on sharing his thoughts, deeming it a waste of energy as nothing would change.

Another belief Chetz harbored was the fear that if people did pay attention to what he said or expressed, he might encounter trouble, similar to what happened when his EID video went viral.

Chetz actually didn’t fear for himself as much as he did for his dogs if he were no longer around.

Once you’ve gained clarity on the behaviors and beliefs of your old self, it’s time to define the beliefs and behaviors of your new avatar, which are likely to be the opposite of the old ones.

While many spiritual and manifestation gurus emphasize monitoring your thoughts, I’ve found it more practical to focus on monitoring and being aware of my behaviors. Remember, it’s your behaviors and physical actions that ultimately transform your reality, completing the manifestation circuit.

You can repeat affirmations a thousand times, but if you don’t act on what excites and inspires you, this means your beliefs remain unchanged.

Thus, your reality will also remain unchanged.


Your Old Self Funeral

While most techniques rely on meditation to enter the quantum field and embody your new 2.0 self, I took an additional step.

I held a funeral ceremony for my old self.

As you may have seen in my previous blog post, I gathered a small bit of my hair and nails, combined them with my dog’s fur and nails, placed them on paper, and buried them.

Then, I stood before the grave for a few moments, closed my eyes, placed my hand on my chest, and recollected all the experiences—both positive and negative—that Chetz had gone through. I thanked Chetz for the wisdom and knowledge acquired and bid him farewell. Rest in peace.

Now, I am Jazi.


Self Awareness

However, this isn’t the end of the journey. Due to years of inhabiting Chetz’s identity, my brain and body may still retain memories.

Therefore, I must remain vigilant about my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

When old patterns resurface, I remind myself, “hey, I’m Jazi, that’s Chetz,” and reaffirm Jazi’s beliefs and behaviors.

Additionally, I acknowledge that adapting to this new identity in this body will take time, much like how a baby doesn’t immediately learn to walk.

I’m still on training wheels.

Since Chetz didn’t engage in extensive writing or speaking, I don’t expect to instantly write 2000 words a day or articulate ideas as eloquently as Alan Watts.

In my later post, I’ll reveal how I guide my brain and body using my Zoomies To Bliss Manifestation Journal.


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