What If We Are

Bored in Heaven

Jan 13, 2024

What if we’re all already in heaven?

We experiencing unconditional love. We know we are powerful and can manifest whatever we desire.

We are in heaven for all eternity. Imagine that, all eternity. Forever and ever.

Even if I really like a dish, I could eat it every day, maybe for a month.

After that I won’t be touching it for a long time.

So imagine, what are we going to do for all eternity?

What if we all became bored in heaven and decided to create Earth and play games with each other, challenging one another?

So, what if the people you hate and who irritate you and others are actually your good friends in the heavenly realm who have taken on those roles?

Assuming they are your good friends playing this Earth game, would your hate, anger, and irritation be the same as they are now?

When we compete or challenge each other in games, sometimes we do feel anger, irritation, and frustration, but these feelings are not that strong and don’t last long.

We would think of strategies to challenge them back and to win the game.

So, let’s go through this life assuming everyone is our good friend from heaven, and we are here to play this game.

No matter if we win or lose, however you define that, we all will go back to heaven, have a drink with each other, and return to our beautiful home to be with our 44 virgins. Or is it 99?

Anyway, whatever you believe heaven is, ok.

In my case, I would be with all my dogs.


I'm documenting my next-level avatar on Earth Master Class. Sharing what I learned about spirituality, manifestation and living a fulfilled joyful life with my dogs.

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