2024: Breaking Free from

Conventional Wisdom

Jan 12, 2024

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

So what are we going to do differently this year to manifest a different reality?

For me, this year, I’m going to do things for myself, to solve my problems with solutions that work for me and to create what I genuinely like.

Previously, when I created my digital products, I followed the common advice which is to identify my ideal customers, but those products didn’t perform well.

When creating content, I listened to social media gurus’ guidance like knowing my target audience and having a niche, but these popular tips didn’t work for me.

Recently, I stumbled upon a video of Rick Rubin who suggested, “Create things YOU like. Don’t think about whether others would like it. Do it like a diary entry.”

This really resonated with me.

So right now, I’m updating my Zoomies To Bliss Course, sharing how I solved my challenges in manifesting the life I prefer.

I’ve been using my Notion Journal for nearly a year, adding sections that work for me and eliminating those that don’t.

Regarding content creation, I’m sharing notes from my journal—brain dumps, things I learn, wonder, and my experiences.

I’m just going to imagine I’m talking to myself, helping myself instead of wanting to please and help people of the world.

Since the all is the one, and the one is the all, I am the one, and I am the all.

By helping myself, I help others too. 



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