“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”
Attracting a partner or soul mate is one of the evidence for me, letting me know FOR SURE that what is thought by Abraham and Bashar is TRUE.
I actually experienced this before I knew about the Law of Attraction. It was by accident that I used the teachings, the stuff that I know now.
I didn’t really have great romantic relationships. I believe it was because 1: I have a very specific requirements in a partner.
For examples, she must be shorter than me, must be independent, confident, know what she wants in life and is going for it.
And of course she must be nice to look at, from my perspective ;). For you to get an idea my perspective, she should look like this …

Sarah Shahi

This was how I looked like then. If you watch L Word, I definitely not the “Shane” kinda person hihihihihihi.
I really knew, I knew clearly about what I wanted, but I didn’t believe that I could have it.
I believe that is the case for most of us, in terms of any subjects and not only on the subject of our soulmate.
We have all these wantings that we don’t believe, or doubt we could have.
Especially for me, I used to believe it’s already hard enough to find a beautiful confident women, and I needed to find that type of women who are gay!
Although I did try, after all of the women I dated at the end suddenly decided to get married with a man, I decided to forget about having a life partner.
I remember writing down a very specific list of requirements in a partner and then I FORGET ABOUT IT.
I focused on myself, my life. To get back on my feet because at that time I just lost my cafe business.
And then, she appeared.
“Now your work is to allow the Universe to yield to you everything that you’ve put there.”
Here’s a great video from Abraham about attracting a relationship.
You might want to use their rampage when you customize your own vision video.
For this beast vision video, I chose the relaxing, stress releasing with Theta waves track from Trypnaural Meditation because that’s the only thing you need to do, just relax.
It’s done.
Please DO NOT listen to this session while you are driving your car or operating machinery.
Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are have epilepsy or any other neurological conditions.
Beast Vision Video


For better quality video and easy access, download this video to your computer.


After watching the video, you can continue listening to the audio, while meditating or just playing it on the background.
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Beast Vision Videos – Abraham Hicks Rampage

The End

Hi, I’m Jaziel Janang. You can call me Jazi. This is the end and the beginning.