“You are not here upon this Earth to prove yourself worthy of anything, to anyone.”
I put Happy with People as the first Vision Video because I believe for most of us, the main factor that is affecting us is PEOPLE.
The beliefs that were put in our head are mostly from people; our parents, family, teachers, society and the media.
And there many beliefs that don’t resonate with us. We either just follow them to make others happy, to avoid conflict (or death treats) or don’t follow them openly which would cause plenty of debate, strange stares and even rape or death treats.
Either way, the differences in what society expect us to be and who we really are will cause anger, frustration, stress and depression if we don’t know how to deal with it.
“I believe if we can acknowledge and then just ignore others opinions, expectations and just be who we really are, by doing this ONE thing, everything else in our lives that’s not working will start working great. ”
Here’s the vision video that I hope will help you deal with stress and frustration due to people as it helps me with mine.
The affirmations were inspired from Abraham Hicks rampage. It will resonate more if you’ve gone through Module 1 of this course.
Please DO NOT listen to this session while you are driving your car or operating machinery.
Please consult your doctor before using this program if you are have epilepsy or any other neurological conditions.
Beast Vision Video


For better quality video and easy access, download this video to your computer.


After watching the video, you can continue listening to the audio, while meditating or just playing it on the background.
“Aam is known as the universal sound or the basic sound in the creation.”
I chose the Mind Ascension track from Trypnaural Meditation because of the nice guitar sound and also the “Aam” sound.
According to Sadhguru, “Aam” is the universal sound.
“If you have problems that you’re unable to do anything with a certain resolve in your life, daily “Aam” will be truly transformational for you. Within a couple of weeks you will notice a phenomenal difference in the way you function.”
Beast Vision Videos
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Beast Vision Videos – Abraham Hicks Rampage

The End

Hi, I’m Jaziel Janang. You can call me Jazi. This is the end and the beginning.